Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Conservation Northwest

A few weeks back, we spread word that Spokane residents would have a good shot at a fun XCD tour package, all while benefitting a good cause. Our man in the mountains, Nils Larsen, checks in from last week’s Conservation Northwest benefit in Eastern Washington:

The Conservation Northwest banquet and auction on September 27th sold out quickly in Spokane. The venue, the recently restored Davenport Hotel was excellent, comfy with lots of classic old charm. Brock Evans, the grand-daddy of the NW conservation movement, gave a great speech on the movement's history in the area. Brock ended his talk with an anecdote, wherein his doctor told him that a recent diagnosis of cancer would be an uphill battle. To the doctor, he replied, "I'm a conservationist; everything I do is an uphill battle," and the crowd erupted with wild cheers.

The auction was spirited, with everything from a condo week on Maui to cases of (good) wine. In a more adventurous prize, Alex Loeb won the
XCD 10th Mountain skis from Karhu along with a day sliding around in the Kettle Range with me. She was getting this for her husband, but after looking at the skis, she starting thinking she might keep them for herself.

(Nils Larsen and a smilin' Alex Loeb. Photo courtesy of Nils Larsen.)

It was great timing with fall here in NE Washington. I saw the first snow on the mountains near my house and have had some heavy frosts. The wood stoves are fired up in the mornings, and skiing is a regular topic at local gatherings.

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