Friday, September 28, 2007

Low Snow Antics - Dickie Hall

A quick post on a Friday afternoon... it's impossible to watch this video without cracking a big smile. Dickie Hall has long been a pioneer of the telemark turn and has taught thousands of people its secrets over the years through his NATO organization and their amazing workshops. As you'll see, he still has the quickest feet out there.

The rest might look like goofing off, a desperate attempt to "make the best of it." But anyone who has ever had the pleasure of skiing with Dickie Hall knows that the best thing he teaches is how to have fun. Chip Chase in Whitegrass, West Virginia shared this clip of skiing with Dickie and friends in some low snow. A smile really is the most important part of any ski day.

If you ever come across a set of ski tracks around both sides of a tree, you'll know who to keep an eye out for. Enjoy your weekend, everyone.

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