Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Weather We Change Trailer

Adding video content this morning, I stumbled across the trailer for Tahoe-based Adventure Film Works' Weather We Change on YouTube, and it looks great. This past spring, AFW's Duane Kubischta accompanied Karhu skiers Lorenzo Worster, Alison Gannett and Zoe Hart over to Europe to film their tour through the Berner Oberland for his upcoming film, and the trailer has a lot of the ski footage and some thought-provoking interviews. With both the Sierra Nevada and the Alps suffering abysmal droughts last year, Adventure Film Works worked hard to capture both the effect on our mountain world and the bright spots of good snow in an otherwise tough season.

(Video courtesy of Adventure Film Works)

From the AFW website: "Weather We Change is the third major release from Adventure Film Works, whose 2006 movie Hustle & Snow received acclaim at the Banff Mountain Film Festival. Weather We Change is a skiing adventure documentary that follows athletes who have taken a pledge to follow in the footsteps of pro skier Alison Gannett in search of a greener ski bum lifestyle. Mother Nature serves up a healthy dose of reality with a bleak early season, but these snow soldiers eventually find the deep powder that recharges their fight to save the snow. Stunning footage of the Swiss Alps, the best of the West Coast, and an educational journey come together in an unforgettable film that shows how global warming is an issue that skiers cannot afford to ignore."

Weather We Change is touring up and down the West Coast, from Taos through much of California and up to Portland and Seattle. Visit Adventure Film Works for details on the Weather We Change Tour and more info on the film.

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