Monday, October 29, 2007

Preseason Training – Andy Jacobsen

Apologies for a slow week last week... combine an office full of New Englanders and the Red Sox in the World Series, and things get a little distracted. With the win last night, the distraction gave way to the reality that November is a day or two away, and there are no more excuses about getting ready for ski season – time to kick it into high gear.

Preseason training doesn’t have to leave you bruised and battered (like the Padded Floor post), but there’s definitely a satisfaction in the soreness that comes from a good workout. It’s energizing knowing that the harder you work now and the more sore you feel, the easier it will all become when you hit snow. Kicking off training rituals, Andy Jacobsen checks in from Salt Lake City, UT with a workout routine that will definitely bring the hurt:

Here’s a quick overview of my preseason training:

  • I spend at least an hour and a half on my road bike three or four times week.
  • Lunges, lunges, lunges. I usually start with 10lb weights in each hand doing three sets of 100. As the season gets closer and my legs get stronger I up the weight to as needed, usually maxing out around 30lbs in each hand. Lunges are awesome for tele skiing.
  • Three or four times a week I do 10 sets of 30 seconds on a box (6-12” high) jumping from one side, to the top, and to the other side as fast as possible. These are great for quickness, which is key for making tele turns in tight situations.
  • A couple times a week I will fill my backpack with water bottles and hike one of the many steep trails we have here in Salt Lake, usually something with 2000-3000 vertical feet and steep! At the top I dump all the water out and use trekking poles to ease the impact on my knees on the way down.
  • Other than that it is just little things here and there, like climbing to keep the shoulders and core strong. Whether it’s picking a crag with a longer approach to sneak in a little extra cardio or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, it all adds up.

-Andy Jacobsen

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