Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Whitegrass is Open!

My favorite ski report in the US brought good news today for Mid-Atlantic skiers. Longtime Karhu friend Whitegrass is open for business with a good cold spell in West Virginia’s Canaan Valley.

(Photo courtesy of Whitegrass and VisitCanaan.com.)

Here’s what the Whitegrass report says:
All trails are open and skiable with some 6-12" on the ground, it will pack down to an inch or two yet it is dumping again this morning! Hard!!! Will start grooming any minute now and plan to be fully operational until mid April! Hot soup is on. Schools are closed. Open this weekend for skiing, likely in powder conditions. Early is soooo good!

We are at least two weeks ahead of any year of our history; the trails, bridges, snowfarm, ability to groom, rental and sales shop...

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Chip Chase said...

Cousin Graham, Way to share the love! We are jumping out of our skin, the second super lucky early storm in a row! Lake Flake and the Mountain State Meet at WG.

Nice to see all the familiar shiny faces and a first timer Devon from Charlottesville that smiled and stated...."this place is like Mad River Glen!" We take that as a strong compliment. Spending the day here skiing and helping folks find boots is the sweetest thing in this whole wide world and am willing to bet anyone on this. chip


Get down, be down, and stay down NATO Movie
One day you gotta ski here with us! cc

northwest said...

go get 'em Chip Chase. send some of your snow to the North West, please.

Trevor Eastman

Anonymous said...

Just had two great days at Whitegrass, thanks to Chip, WG folks, tons of snow at the upper elevations, and that really cute girl in the Patagonia down sweater.
Chip- I thank you on a bended knee (alternating and linked on the weiss knob pipeline).