Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More from Whitegrass

After last week’s first big storms around Whitegrass, WV, Karhu rep Doug Reilley made the trip over to Chip Chase’s legendary touring center to make some turns. Looks like great fun, and much to be thankful for as we approach the holiday.

Whitegrass Touring Center is open with snow that skiers don't usually see until mid-January! I met up with my friend Dave Barnett and his family (wife Robin and 2 boys; James 12 and Ben 10) for a day of freshies at Chipper's

(Heading up 3 mile towards Cabin Mt.)

We ascended to the top of Round Top where the snow was about 18" off trail, then headed to the top of Baldy.

The snow was pretty incredible with about 6"-8" of fresh powder over top of the base that had been rolled and frozen overnight. We skied through some pretty cool trees and drifts on the way up and over Baldy (about 4300' in elevation) as the snow got better and better!

(West Virginian snow ghosts.)

(Top of Baldy (4300') with Canaan Valley Ski Resort and National Nordic in the background.)

(Drifts on Baldy Boundary trail.)

The snow on the section of Baldy Boundary below Baldy Steeps was a bit thin but very skiable and led down to some premium powder at the right edge of Springer Orchards

Looks thin in places but turned out to be the best snow of the day! Laurie's incredible food at the lodge capped off a great day of WV ski touring in November...a rare treat!

A short video clip from Doug of Springer Orchards, definitely storming!!

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