Wednesday, November 12, 2008

South America Stoke

Back in May, Where Will You Ski Today reader Scott Fennell sent us a killer report of a fly-in touring trip into the Neacola Range in Alaska. Fast-forward six months, and Scott dropped another email, this time with a trip report packed full of stoke from about 8,000 miles to the south. Here’s a little taste of Scott’s adventures in Chile and Argentina. Not a bad year for Scott’s well-traveled Jak BCs

South America, 05OCT-28OCT 2008
It´s time to go skiing. It´s time to go skiing like you mean it. Looking for an appetizer to our main course of skiing adventure in Antarctica, Kellie and I planned a trip to South America…

(Bears in paradise. Photos by Scott Fennell)

…My bears were asked to do a lot of different things on this trip: GS turns when wet slough was chasing me, couloir jump turns when sandstone was squeezing me, and lots (and lots) of uptrack time…

…Three weeks of skiing hard on this continent was an amazing experience. But looming over us the entire time was the prospect of skiing in Antarctica on Doug Stoup´s Ski Cruise 2008. As it turned out, our boat, the Lyubov Orlova, failed it´s inspection with the Argentine port authorities and the expedition had to be cancelled. It´s really sad. But I´m excited to go next year, I´m happy we skied the living heck out of South America. I suppose my life is pretty good if the worst thing that can happen to me is my Antarctica trip getting postponed and me having to go home and ski cold Alaskan powder.

Read on here for the whole report (lots of great photos).

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