Monday, October 27, 2008

Ski It While You Can

Peter wasn’t the only one out skiing last week. Brian Mohr at EmberPhoto checks in with his transition from fall to winter mode:

Weeks of surfing beautiful ocean waves on the coast and running/biking through the brilliant colors of fall in the mountains were finally capped this week by our first day of skiing this season.

Rain turned to snow Tuesday night, and shortly after sunrise Wednesday, we were enjoying a fresh 2-3" of October snow on our favorite, rock-free, moss-laden, leaf-strewn, low-angle runs at our local ski hills.

We linked several top to bottom runs together early in the morning, and then stuck to the higher elevations as the day wore on and the lowest elevations started to burn off.

Cold temps overnight made for another fine early-morning of skiing today... Ground warmth had pushed snow line 300-400' up the mountain, and by lunch time, with the sun shining strong, it was all but gone...

Still, it was a real treat be back on the skis again... If the big brown stripes on the wooly catepillars are any indication, we are in for another snowy winter.

Ski it while you can!

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Anonymous said...

Karhu - Journey to the Source was an outstanding view into the origin of skiing. It was great to see, briefly, the handmade fabrication of a wooden pair of skies.