Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lost Ski Areas Exhibit

The lost ski areas of New England are a natural destination for any backcountry skier. Dotted across the mountains of the Northeast, nearly 600 ski areas sit dormant but not forgotten. Their trails cut long ago still make faint tracks down the mountainside, but hold plenty of space for powder turns. Documented over the years by the New England Lost Ski Areas Project (NELSAP) for history buffs and adventurous backcountry skiers, these resorts are now getting attention from the New England Ski Museum. Ski Press Magazine reports on a new exhibit on the lost ski areas:

Franconia, NH – The story of the ‘lost’ ski areas of New England mirrors earlier boom and bust cycles of land use in the region, and has left physical traces on the face of the land, as well as nostalgic memories in the minds of many skiers who knew the lost resorts. A fascination with the derelict areas akin to interest in ghost towns of the West became evident with the popularity of a website,, that tracks the phenomenon, and now a new exhibit at the New England Ski Museum features the history of a selection of the hundreds of small areas that closed.

Read on at Ski Press, and visit NELSAP to find lost areas near you.

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