Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Winding Down in the Adirondacks

Keeping it on the theme of spring in the East, Karhu rep Mike “Kaz” Kazmierczak sends us trip report from some XCD skiing in New York’s Adirondack region. Sunny skies, warm weather, good company, soft snow, what’s not to like?

Winter is fading quickly in the Adirondacks, but we still have some skiing opportunities up high. The approaches are muddy and the streams are running, but the temptation of corn snow keeps us trekking into the High Peaks each weekend.

(Jen Kazmierczak hiking across one of many stream crossings on the approach. Photos by Mike Kaz)

The classic Wright Peak ski trail was the destination for this trip. With its northern exposure and sheltered canopy, we knew it would have easy skiing and hiking up, and by the time the temps rose (almost 75 degrees this trip), the corn was perfect to schuss out on. The summit weather couldn’t have been better. Typically windy, Wright Peak offered us completely calm skies to scout our trips on neighboring peaks for the following week.

(Kaz on the summit of Wright, looking toward Mt Colden and Mt Marcy.)

XCDs are the skis of choice for a bunch of our objectives around here, but especially in the spring when "variable" conditions persist. And really, nothing jump turns on rock quite like the 10th Mountains! Still a couple more weeks left of skiing for us... after a truly stellar winter.

(At snowline, just below Wright Peak's summit, prepping to ski down. 10th Mountains all around.)

(Classic Adirondack Trail skiing on the Wright Peak Ski Trail.)

(Not wanting winter to end, our friend Rob Dross.)

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