Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Giving Thanks

It’s a great weekend to head into the holiday. Today was crisp and cold in Seattle, and while the forecast doesn’t have much precipitation, it should be nice enough to go looking for snow deep in the mountains. Many of our friends and co-workers will be out making turns this weekend, and we hope the holiday finds you making tracks as well. Signing off for a day or two, here are a few thoughts on what all of us at Karhu are thankful for.

I give thanks to winter and snowy mountains; having grown up with neither, I can say it would be a lesser world without them.
-Nils Larsen

I give thanks for the opportunity to find snow before Thanksgiving! When we fret about a lack of snow, we need to remember that winter is a long season. The best skiing sometimes doesn’t start before January, but it doesn’t end before June. I’m thankful to be a backcountry skier who can hike for the white.
-Van Brinkerhoff

I give thanks to my new cyclocross bike to help train in that crappy transition between fall and winter. I give thanks to the new tradeshow schedule, which will give us more time to ski in Utah. I give thanks to I-90 for quick access to the mountains, and to the telemetry data on the NWAC website. For desk jockeys, it helps give a sense of being in the mountains and following the weather, even when you’re staring at a computer screen mid-week.
-Charlie Lozner

I’m thankful for post-Thanksgiving leftovers that I can save for pre-skiing parking lot eats.
-Stephen Golaszewski

I'm thankful that I was born into a life where I have the time and resources to have hobbies like skiing. And I'm thankful to have friends, family and a boyfriend who stand behind me despite my transient wanderings.
-Zoe Hart

I’m thankful for dinky little Maple Ridge and their excellent kids’ ski school program for introducing me to the sport in the first place.
-Dan Gestwick

I give thanks everyday for the incredibly lucky life I have. I think we all often forget that most of the world is still worrying about where their next meal will come from, and not whether to ski the Bertha or Jill, or which ski area has the most snow. Not only do I get to ski and travel to the most incredible places in the world, but I live in a warm sunny straw bale house, eating organic food and drive my converted SUV that gets 140 miles to the gallon! I give thanks this holiday, for having a great job that includes making a difference in this world - helping start Global Cooling around the globe while enjoying the great sports I love, including backcountry skiing and telemarking. Cheers to all that help make the world a better place. Think of what you have, not of what you don't have - maybe buy a meal for a homeless person instead of wishing you had a bigger house. I'm most thankful that I am happy and healthy. Have a great holiday.
-Alison Gannett

My trip home for Thanksgiving every year gives me time to pause, and look at life from a slightly higher altitude. Some call it the 10,000-foot view, others call it the big picture, but most importantly it is a chance to see life from a different vantage point. A chance to see the true value of my learning experiences and absorb the fortune of my gifts. In my big picture I am most thankful for my family and friends, our health and well-being and the beautiful environment that surrounds us. As the snow lays a soft white blanket outside the window I am thankful for the reminder to step back and give hanks.
-Lorenzo Worster

I am thankful for the support and encouragement from family and friends that have brought me where I am today. I give thanks for the mountain education and tutelage in the turn that I received from my father and his friends, and for my parents’ support while pursuing jobs and interests off the beaten path. I give thanks as well to the colleagues and mentors along the way, and my friends here today at Karhu who have helped me combine my passion with my work, for endeavors always fulfilling.
-Graham Gephart

Be well and ski well,
The Employees of Karhu

(Nils Larsen and Eben Sargent, giving thanks for shelter on a chute high above Washington Pass. Photo by Graham Gephart)

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